Christian Forin

About us

Since 2003, Christian Forin AART have specialized in the implementation of audiovisual solutions, as well as in the latest High-tech Multimedia systems together with their unification.

In addition, we offer all our customers a large range of associated services: Shop-fitting/Carpentry, Decoration, Lighting, General electrical works, etc. ... as accompaniment on all the larger projects.

We work with first rate, world famous product brands, in order to provide high quality, durable and long lasting completed results.

Thanks to our experience, our knowhow and our knowledge, we offer the most demanding assurance of an integrated “tailor-made” design.

Thus, our ethical approach and our completed works are inscribed within a long term strategy.

Our values

We will turn your dreams a reality

We are passionate about our work and apply all (knowhow, attention to detail, intellect, etc.) in order to form a TRUE PARTNERSHIP with our customers in order to facilitate the satisfactory completion of each project.

We are fully committed, unequivocally and in all sincerity, to honour our commitments and provide works of the highest quality.

We are efficient, productive, pragmatic, competent and above all, seek “Top Quality” results. Should on-site modifications occur, we are able to adapt with flexibility and speed.

Through our audacity and dynamism, we dare to think and act “outside the squares”.

We are not afraid to approach the most “unusual” of circumstances, therefore with intelligence and perseverance, we can work towards the most appropriately adapted solution. Finally, our enthusiasm and goodwill are highly infectious.

Principal references and completed works

  • A.MALRAUX Multi-media Library in Beziers: Audio/Visual, Auditorium, Inverters, Maintenance
  • Beziers/Cap d'Agde Airport: display panels, Sound system
  • Beziers Town Hall Council Chamber: video-Projection, sound system, lighting controls
  • Léo LAGRANGE swimming-pool: Sound system, Digital Timing System, diverse apparatus
  • Beziers Community Centres: Sound system, Video projection, Maintenance
  • Beziers Voluntary Sector Centres: Sound system, Video, Lighting, Building Information Modeling, Maintenance
  • AGGLO/CABEME: Maintenance of Electrical/Electronics/Multimedia systems
  • M.HERMINE swimming-pool Servian: Sound system, Maintenance
  • Religious Centres/Beziers Conurbation: Sound system, Lighting, Upgrading, Maintenance
  • Montpellier II University in Beziers: Display screens, Maintenance
  • French British Osteopathic Institute in Beziers: Upgrading to required Standards, Auditorium, Sound system
  • Video Projection equipment, Lecture Theatre equipment, Studio Video, Educational Video Recording Studio, Maintenance
  • Midi Boat Company: Audio/Video, Riverboat Electrics, Maintenance of 4 Barges
  • 9 Municipal Nurseries in Beziers: Audio/Video, Office Equipment, Maintenance
  • Hotel Industry, Service Industries, Local Authorities

Tools, equipment and measurements

We are in possession of all of the latest tools and equipment available, for all trades. Our measurement instruments and gauges, meet the latest 2014 STANDARDS – NFCE15100, TR 2012 - ERP/ERT, PMR, etc.

To Resume

Because large, complex, tailor-made projects require a multitude of complementary skills, our technical after-sales teams, will realize your dreams without fault.